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Ceramics, copper, cotton, Acrylic


In this piece, a precise plumb is suspended from the ceiling, and a cup of green tea is placed directly below the plumb. The tip of the plumb is place very closely, but not touching, to the level of the tea in the cup.

Japan and Taiwan are two countries influenced by frequent earthquakes. I want to make a work that can is related to our daily lives and earthquakes at the same time. When there is a slight or even unnoticeable earthquake, the plumb will circle slightly around in the cup; and with a bigger earthquake, the plumb will hit the edge of the cup, making a sound of collision with the porcelain.

From a certain point of view, the two works Breath and Letter represents an observation of subtle "movement" and "force". In other words, it is related to the thinking about the nature of " the changes" and “the constant". For example, a small movement of the earth will not change anything for the earth, but it will change the destiny of humankind. In the same way, with a small movement of the human heart (such as an artistic experience), the world does not move, but for us, everything might be completely altered.

2019.12  Lai Chih-Sheng"Besides,", Kirishima Open-Air Museum, Kagoshima, Japan