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Needle punch carpet
Dimensions variable


'Redundant' is relaxed, floppy, and overflows reality.

As the first artwork in the exhibition, it is more likely that Redundant exists prior to the opening of the exhibition. It avails itself of the most basic material on site, turning institutionalised, standardised labour into a form of creation, becoming a makeshift artwork.


temporary / present

"Temporary / present", is temporary and at once present.

The ongoing changes in our world create dilemmas, but also revelations; it is increasingly difficult to return to the old days, and we have to face all kind of impermanence and provisionality. We have to be attentive to the immediate surroundings. Even our imaginations have to stick to the present moment and place.

The idea is to propose a way to save space, and to stay focused. It’s like making a speech: it suffices to talk about one thing at a time, or to talk a little.

What does "temporary / present" bring about? The art fair’s institution is not unlike our lives today, it is distracting, confusing, rushed, attention-seeking… I can’t help but wonder that if there is a space in it that is calming and can demonstrate a kind of simple creative gesture in an unhurried way, and can afford the artworks the ability to summon and move us, then this event can become slightly more relevant to art.


2022.05.19-22 “temporary / present", Taipei Dangdai booth: S01, Taipei World Trade Centre_Hall 1, Taipei, Taiwan